Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Roasted Chicken At Food Loft

Last Saturday I went to the bloggers gathering - The Orient Voices at Food Loft. This event was sponsored by Food Loft, Nuffnang and Exabyte. So, we bloggers were able to eat free.

We were given an order card with RM15 credit in it and we are free to order anything. In total as long as it do not exceed RM15, we do not need to pay. If you lost the card, you need to pay RM100.

I once visited Food Loft last year during my birthday. I last time ordered the steak, but it wasn't nice. This time I ordered a American Quarter Roasted Chicken which is RM14.90. Didn't exceed the amount lo.

But guess what, when check out that time, I still need to pay additional RM1.40 for the service tax and government tax. =(

The roasted chicken was nice. Like it. Quarter roasted chicken, rice, fries and some little salad.

Food Loft is at 4th floor of Gurney Plaza.

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