Monday, June 18, 2007

Chili's Grill and Bar

Last week I finally have chance to try out at this American food restaurant. Chili's Grill and Bar. I went there with my brother, my dad don't really like western food while my mom was sick.

We went there for dinner.

The restaurant not really big, many people were there. Full House, but there was places at the bar there, since I and my brother went only, so it's Ok.

The Margarita Bar. Inside is very well decorated, get a new feel. Feel like in America's restaurant. Haha.

The food is rather expensive, but still ok because of its nice food and big portion. I ordered Mushroom Jack Combo Fajitas and my brother ordered Quesa Beef. For drinks, since my Mushroom Jack is already RM37.xx, I just ask for sky juice then my brother ordered a Pina Chilada. Sweet!

My sky juice. (:

A Pina Chilada. Slurpppp.

This is my Mushroom Jack Fajitas chicken and beef combo. A bit salty, but it's still cool when you eat with the bread liked thing below. Loves the mushroom and the beef. There is vegetables in it too.

My Mushroom Jack comes with 3 pieces of this Chapati liked thin flat baked dough. Take some beef, chicken, mushroom, and add some salsa sauce, wrap it up with it, YUMMY!

This is my brother's Quesa Beef. Pizza liked food. Tasty, inside got beef, vegetables and cheese. The center white thingy is actually yogurt, but it's tasteless, sucks.

The salsa sauce. If you don't like western food, you definitely don't want to go here because the food is too Western-ish, cheesy. However, I think the original restaurant in the States will be better as I saw the caucasian went away after a few bites, guess the food there not as good as they have in their country. If you are locals and loves western food, you should go try.

Next time want to go try their Burger ^^.

Where is Chili's?
Located ground floor of G-Hotel, at Gurney Place there.

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