Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fish Head Bee Hoon near Jalan Jelutong

Last Saturday, I and papa and mama go to Jeletong there to eat this fish head bee hoon (rice noodle). According to my mom, she say there very famous one and need to wait for some times. It's near Jalan Jelutong and Perak Lane. Not so sure, but as far as i know it's near Jalan Jelutong.

Indeed, the fish head bee hoon is very nice. We ordered 2 version, 1 is bee hoon another is moi (porridge). Then dad ordered the crab. He say not always get to order the crab.

I feel the best is not the bee hoon but is the crab. I like the soup very much. Nice! Go try it now!

I locate myself there. Haha.

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