Monday, May 28, 2007

Penang International Floral Festival

Welcome tourist, this week, you got another place to visit which is the Penang Botanical Garden as there is the Penang Internation Floral Festival from 27th May to 3rd June. You get to buy plants, flowers, see beautiful flowers and bring along your camera to snap nice photos.

Don't worry if you miss the fun yesterday, this festival runs from 27th May to 3rd June. Morning 9am to 8pm. XD But remember bring towel and wear sport shoes, cause there is 2 site need to climb up. I didn't climb though, my mom don't want to and because we were not in sport shoes.

How to get there?

  • By taxi, tell the driver : To Botanical Garden.
  • You can't go by local buses.
  • Ask your local friends to bring you there.
Don't forget after seeing the flowers you can grab yourself some nice ice cream there.


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