Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Chili's Opens In Penang

I proudly present you the first American Chili's Grill & Bar at Gurney Plaza. Yes, this is the only place you can find Chili's in Penang, not other place, YET. I haven't go try the food out yet, but definitely I will go try very soon man! I have seen pictures of the foods from Chili's and it looks delicious.

When I pass by the restaurant, I could see a lot of people in there, most probably is because of it's new here and a lot of people would love to try it out. So this coming Monday, 28th May 2007 is the official opening day for the restaurant here.

Where is it?

Gurney Plaza.
Specifically Chili's is next to Breeks, located beside G Hotel or beside Gurney Plaza (it's the same, because Gurney Plaza and G Hotel share Gurney Place). There are coffee shops like Starbuck Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Segafrado, Dome and more at Gurney Place, so after watching a late night movie, you can enjoy some nice drinks there and get read some emails there with the hotspot provided by some restaurant/coffee shop.


Anonymous said...

i love dining at chili's and i cannot wait to tell the world how nice it is to hang out and dine there... but i was there recently with a group ... a big group of about 20 (adults, children & babies inclusive), eagerly waiting to be seated.. after waiting for about 20 mins we went to check on the waiting status.. we are then told that 20 is too big for them and the only option was for us to seat separately - not very conducive for a reunion among friends. we went away rather upset and dissapointed about it and their failure to inform us earlier that they cannot cater to us. we wrote at their site on our dissapointments and this is their reply...

Dear Ms. XXXXX,

Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us. We are sorry to hear this unpleasant experience you have encountered. I would like to clarify to you that we don't take reservation, only walk-in and first come first serve basis, it applies to all Chili's outlets in K.L. as well. However, in response to your enquiries regarding full party seating, the manager on duty were correct in stating the policy that we do not allow people to secure a table while waiting for the rest of the party to join. Furthermore, it is during peak hours especially on weekends and we don't cater for large parties at one time. We are more than happy to accommodate your request if it is on weekdays or off peak hours. That is why we have suggested to break your group into two,to ease up the service and efficiency to serve you better.

For further clarification, I can be contacted on my mobile at 016-2556661 or at my restaurant 04-210 1111. Your feedback is important and valuable in order for us to meet customer's expectation and satisfaction.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,
Faisal Izzuddin
Restaurant General Manager
Chili's Penang.

what do you think..should they
increase their sitting capacity
put a sign saying we cannot seat 20 or more

lhtan said...

I find that the management at your restaurant is so snobbish that they cant take reservation nor arrange for a table for ten. Yes indeed i find you all extremely inflexible and you have drove away alot of customers because of your inflexibility . Further , you have policies that certain areas in your restaurant will not be opened for business despite the fact that you have potential customers waiting for tables. Your services are indeed lacking and there is no feeling of being welcomed at your restaurant at all unlike TGIF ! Sad!!!

Anonymous said...

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