Monday, July 2, 2007

Siu Long Bao At Queensbay

Not Dragon-i in Queensbay Mall. It's outside the shop lot there at Queensbay. The shop name is call House of Dumpling. Siu Long Bao is a kind of dumpling that is origin from Shanghai, China. There is soup (some say juices) in it with meat. You bite a little of the top and then you like suck out the soup or, tear into half on a spoon and you drink it.

Dip the Siu Long Bao with some vinegar and put some ginger on it, it will then taste very delicious and nice. The Siu Long Bao here not bad. The last time I had a Siu Long Bao was like last year at Cititel, Mid Valley there.

Besides Siu Long Bao, we ordered the Fish Ball Soup. Kinda nice too, I like the soup.

We got this vegetables with oyster soya sauce. First food to served that time. Cause very hungry, I ate almost half of the portion.

This is Spring Onion Lar Mian (Ramen). Add some peanut butter and it taste different.

However, I like this Bak Chor Ramen more than the Spring Onion Ramen because this have meat and that Spring Onion Ramen don't! Haha.

Lastly, we got this so call Mouse Bao. Nice!


Spunky said...

Omg,adOrable pOrcupine dumplings!!
will definately try em' Out when having my trip back

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