Monday, July 2, 2007

Manhattan Fish Market

Yo, yesterday I went to Manhattan Fish Market at Queensbay Mall to try out. Yesterday was my first time and that outlet is the one and only in Penang. Before Manhattan Fish Market opens in Queensbay, I always go to Fish and Co. to eat.

It is located at the concourse area. My friends ordered Seafood Platter for 2, Catch of the Day (Dory Fish), Fish and Chips and I ordered Salmon.

Flaming on the fish to grill it. I don't know why they do that for. I don't see it at Fish and Co.

Here you go for the Seafood Platter for 2, RM4x.00

Then this is the cheapest meal of all, the Fish and Chips. To me I think it lose to Fish and Co, the portion is small, and not as crispier as the Fish and Chips at Fish and Co.

The Catch of the Day, yesterday was Dory Fish and according to my friend it was not bad, I guess really not bad, HAHAHA

Lastly, here is my Salmon set. The Salmon was kinda small, but after eating everything includes fries, I am full. YUMMY.

So to me I still prefer Fish and Co., yet the Seafood Platter can fight, next time I go Fish and Co. to test their Seafood Platter then I'll tell which is the best. =]


New Kid on the Blog said...

hi hi.. you hv one Manhattan Fish Market in Auto City, Juru.

Matthias Köbrich said...

i´ve never seen fish looking that delicious! i wish i wasn´t so lazy. maybe then i would prefer the kitchen to going to mcdonalds & co.
nice blog by the way

Fotoblog said...

great post !
there seem lot of chinese in manhattan

Kamarul said...


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anne said...

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Anonymous said...

I went with my family to the outlet in Gurney last nite and was very disappointed with the service. They serve us with the wrong drinks and the food was cold and soggy. never again once bitten twice shy

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